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SOS Miniatures is a farm that started from the smallest of all beginnings.  Back in the early 70's Frank Sharping Sr was a stock contractor for Barnes PRCA Rodeo.  Now on in normal ranching family the two worlds, Rodeo and Miniatures, wouldn't come in any close proximity but I guess our family isn't normal.

"Blue Moon"

The beginning of a lifelong addiction to miniature horses showed up load of potential bucking horses out of TX.  Now whether she was put on the load as joke or because she she really could b-u-c-k  I don't know but what I do know is suddenly Dad was the owner of 34" blue roan pinto mare.  Perfect timing as there was a new registry just started up where she could be registered, AMHR.

Blue Moon, or the blue roan @#$&#( as she was sometimes called, was ahead of her time and  a head of you by about 1/4 mile anytime you wanted her.  She gave us six foals, with one of those foals being Sharpings Roan Man, one of our herd sires.  Through Roan Man and her other foals, a little bit of Blue Moon has traveled to every state in the continental United States and into some well known herds.  Not bad for a wild blue roan mare that showed up on a bucking stock trailer.

Now between Blue Moon and this year's up-coming foal crop there have been literally hundreds of horses pass through our pasture gates.  Much has changed between then and now but the basic concept is still the same.  A good horse is a good horse. 


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